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CSM’s first non-human employee Medha K


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At a time when the explosive growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has fanned worries about the loss of jobs, CSM Tech has pivoted to human-AI synergy with the onboarding of Medha K, the company’s first non-human employee.


Integrating AI at the workplace

One of the pioneers in integrating human employees with an AI counterpart, CSM Tech has shown that AI would not substitute humans, but instead complement and augment them at workplaces.

Medha K is a Knowledge Assistant, integrated with ChatGPT to assist CSM’s internal employees. As an AI-powered Natural Language Processing (NLP) chatbot, it can understand and generate text based on the prompts and keywords you provide. Medha K is the human-AI trainer who can fine-tune language models, incorporate human feedback, and employ the most effective learning methods to ensure a seamless experience for everyone.

Medha K chatbot

Founder and CEO of CSM Tech Priyadarshi Nanu Pany said, “The future belongs to symbiotic or collaborative intelligence where humans and AI work in concert to complement and enhance each other’s strengths. Our Medha K chatbot is a testimony to the possibilities that can be unlocked with the right human-AI synergy.”

Medha K is a formidable text-generating machine fine-tuned with CSM’s Policy content to understand the intricate functioning of the organization. Furthermore, it is integrated with the ERP employee database to identify individuals and will have access to additional business data like attendance leave, training, tour, off-boarding, etc.


In the future, Medha K is slated to be a useful tool for the company’s critical functions like sales and marketing. The future will also see further enhancements like image and text configuration and video processing. All these capabilities empower Medha K to provide invaluable assistance across functions.

Medha K can analyze data and extract insights that optimize trends specific to the job at hand. Unlike human employees, AI never gets physically tired, so it can keep processing information and providing contextually relevant responses as long as you keep feeding it data.

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