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Violations of Layouts and Designs in Building Multipurpose Indoor Stadiums (MPH)


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Odisha Connect reveals some of the 89 stadiums violate the layouts and design plan. Gross Violations of Layouts and Designs in Building Multipurpose Indoor Stadiums (MPH)

In August 2021, the Odisha government in a cabinet meeting approved the construction of 89 multipurpose indoor stadiums in municipal, notified area councils, and rural areas of the state.

The layouts and designs were planned in such a way that they could double up as shelters and hospitals during disasters and pandemic situations like cyclones, floods, and COVID-19. The designs of the structures were planned in such a way that they would absorb the shock of the strong cyclone with a wind speed of 200 km per hour.

The state government had set a target of completing the indoor stadiums by January 2023. But it is found that a large number of them are still under construction.


This is despite the fact that the project is said to be under the direct supervision of V.K. Pandian, 5T secretary as well as private secretary to chief minister Naveen Patnaik. Besides, as the project was taken up under the 5T initiative, the engineer in chief (civil) of the Works Department was himself looking after its progress, even bypassing the officer on special duty (OSD) assigned for it.

Exclusive reports and photographs obtained by Odisha Connect reveal that some of the 89 stadiums are not being constructed as per the planned layouts and designs.

A third-party consultant agency appointed by the government has pointed out in its report that the layouts and building plans of the stadiums are being violated openly. Low-quality materials are being used in the construction of the buildings, the agency said.

Multipurpose Indoor Stadiums

Guidelines not Followed

The indoor stadiums are being built on steel-concrete pillars, which will determine the strength of the structures. As per the designed layout, it has been advised to construct in a ‘diamond ring’ pattern so that it can withstand 200 km wind speed.

But the guidelines have not been followed during the construction. Ducts or fire ducts are missing in the construction. Besides, planned layouts have been violated in the making of slabs, beams, and damp-proof courses (DPCs). The steel rods used in the construction are also said to be of inferior quality. 

Inferior works have been seen at all levels – from foundation to beam, pillar, bricklaying, and the canopy has raised concerns about the quality and durability of indoor stadiums.

When these kinds of irregularities are visible in the work under the 5T initiative, it is anyone’s guess what would be the state of works taken up under other departments.

Multipurpose Indoor Stadiums

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