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‘Samarpana’ -  Spirit of Sufiana Devotion  


Bhubaneswar: The annual Sufiana music festival "Samarpan" enthralled music connoisseurs of  Bhubaneswar.  The three-day  Sufiana music festival  organised by Bhubaneswar Music Circle in association with Odisha Tourism at Rabindra Mandap, Bhubaneswar from February 24 to 26,  presented various facets of spiritual music.


Opening with a numinous note

The opening evening commenced with soulful Odia bhajans rendered by eminent singers Santilata Barik Chhotray, Rabindra Mohapatra and Lata Ghosh. Rabindra Mohapatra’s bhajan ‘Nauria Re Karide Pari’ and Santilata Barik’s Jagannath Bhajans followed by Lata Ghosh’s soulful  ‘Kahaku mu karibain sakhi’ and other bhajans mesmerized the audience.


The inaugural evening of ‘Samarpan’ concluded with Pandit Chandra Praksh’s devotional Haveli Sangeet, a traditional musical practice in Rajasthan where temples of Lord Krishna are known as Havelis. The temples have raag sewa known as Haveli Sangeet, which vary depending on the time of the day and the season of the year. His presentation accompanied by Kritika Prakash on harmonium, Bhupendra Tanwar on supporting vocal, Vatsla Uma Prakash on Jhanjh and Bijay Kumar Barik on Mardala took listeners on a devotional journey.


Second evening showcased delightful Folk Music

The second evening of the Sufiana festival explored the sufiana tempo in the folk Sufi songs as rendered by renowned folk artists from Rajasthan and West Bengal.  The evening started with the captivating traditional Rajasthani Sufiana Kallams by Jenab Yar Mohammad Langa and group’s presentation ‘Ala Ho..’ followed by  other traditional sufi songs of Rajasthan. Jenab Faruk Khan, Yasin Khan, Bundu Khan and Shakir Khan accompanied the lead singer.


The evening concluded with the haunting and soulful Baul, a folk music format from Bengal presented by Vidushi Ila and Ayushi Biswas. They were accompanied  by Kanai Mandal on flute, Partha Ghosh on tabla and dhol, Bikash Kumar Sharma on harmonium and Chandan Das on dotara.



Conclusion with Enthralling Sufi Kalams and Qawwali

The three-day sufiana music fest concluded with Sufi kalams and qawwalis. First presentation of the final evening commenced with Sufi Kalams by Basanta Patra and group presenting popular classical and traditional sufi kalams like ‘Mera Moula Mera Karam’, ‘Ya allha pathar kar de’, ‘Piya tera rang tha main to’ and ‘Lambi judai’.


The grand finale of the evening  was the Sufi Qawwali. Presented by Chanchal Bharti the traditional Sufiana Qawwali, Ghazal, Thumri, Bhajan and Classical Bandish kept the audience engrossed.  She was accompanied by Tajuddin Khan & Naseem Ahmad on harmonium, Avinash Kumar on chorus, Iqbal Khan on banjo, Mazhar Ali on tabla and Amar Prasad on dholak.


The programme was highly appreciated by the audience who got to savour live presentations after a long gap . Coordinated and compered by Dr. Sangita Gosain, ‘Samrapan’ was telecast live on Bhubaneswar Music Circle’s YouTube channel.


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