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Odisha needs young, Odia-speaking CM: Aparajita


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Sanababu hijacked public mandate trying to be Badababu.

BHUBANESWAR: Odia Asmita (pride) is in danger. A  ‘Saanubabu’ has hijacked the public mandate and is trying to become ‘Badababu’. Odisha needs a young and Odia-speaking Chief Minister, said BJP leader and Bhubaneswar MP Aparajita Sarangi at a Press conference here on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a recent interview to a national media said Odia pride, culture and tradition is in danger. The people of Odisha should bring a change and vote for the BJP to ensure the overall development of Odisha, said Sarangi.

“Odisha with its huge national resources and skilled human resources is bottom of the table in terms of GDP due to a dormant government. The Sanababu cannot take the place of the Badababu. Does the former have the people’s mandate to rule the State? There is a strange political situation in the State which is nowhere to be seen in the country. The Sanababu is ruling the State. The Chief Minister should be young, interact with the public in the native language and be proactive.  The Chief Minister after March 20 ,2020 is nowhere to be seen and is not going to the State Secretariat, the administrative headquarters . The Sanababu has kept the Chief Secretary, DGP and the party MLAs from reaching the Chief Minister. The Sanababu is taking the decision who would meet the CM. For this many BJD MLA and workers are leaving the party in hordes” Aparajita said.

“Besides, who is taking decisions in the e-files and signing them, she said. The media has been kept away from the State Secretariat and the Naveen Niwas.  This is wrong governance. The 5T initiative is a licence to loot. When the 5T issue was raised by the BJP all details were deleted from the website and the Saanababu was forced to leave the Government job. According to the International Labour organisation Odisha is number one among 22 States in terms of employment. There are more than 1 lakh Govt jobs vacant. MBAs, engineering and IT students are migrating to other States in search of jobs,” said Sarangi.

“Hundreds of workers are migrating from Hinjili and Kantabhanu to work in Surat and Andhra Pradesh. Then what has been done in 24 years to solve the unemployment problem. The CM despite old age and health condition is contesting from two seats to ensure backdoor entry of the Junior Babu “Shae said.

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