Friday, 3 June 2016, 11:45:17 am


If you want to witness the sea play hide-and-seek, go to Chandipur. Nothing beats the magical experience of watching the rhythm of the tides when the sea recedes and then returns to the shore. At low tide, the sea recedes as far as five kms away, leaving the muddy sandy ocean bed exposed. One can even drive an SUV on this sandy stretch, though it is certainly not recommended or allowed.


However, you can walk with the waves, as they gently head back and forth. The empty sea bed reveals many mysteries – crabs that dart across, fishes in small puddles, sea shells scattered here and there, and a rare red crab found in these parts of the sea. While the sea remains the main attraction, fishing village at Balramgadi and boat rides on fishing vessels are other attraction. Here again, one can gorge on sea food to the hearts content.


As mentioned earlier, Odisha has many other lesser known beaches, many of which are ideal as day trips. To name a few, there is Talsari, a little beyond Chandipur, Pati-sonepur near Berhampur, Ramchandi near Konark and Baliharchandi near Puri.   To access some of these beaches, one has to cross a river, but the beaches are truly virgin, scenic and serene. 

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